How-To Make A Front Door Garden Hose Wreath For Spring Or Summer

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If you are into gardening, like me, you will LOVE this easy DIY garden hose wreath tutorial to welcome Spring or Summer. 

Honestly, I have had the materials to make this wreath for several years, but life kept getting in the way. This easy garden hose wreath took me an afternoon to make, which not having made a wreath in several years was pretty quick!

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Garden hose (any length) new or repurposed


Foam block

Zip ties or floral wire

Greening pins

Floral tape (optional)


Hot glue gun

Garden Hose Wreath Tutorial

To start, adjust your garden hose to the desired size. I purchased a short garden hose, but if you plan to make several of these a large garden cut to length will work perfect!

*** You can repurpose an old garden hose that has a split/tear. Cut off the good section of hose and wipe clean. ***

Cut out your foam block squares or rectangles. I used a sharpie to draw a line for height and scraped away the back portion of the foam for a snug fit. Attach the floral foam with zip ties or floral wire.

For a more country look, I found a roll of burlap jute ribbon (from a previous wreath) and wrapped around the foam blocks and garden hose. Not only did it give me the country look I wanted, it helped camouflage the green foam blocks.

Now for the best part, decorating the wreath! Before I pin or hot glue anything, I always layout my design. Nine times out of ten, I will change it. 

I used greening picks to attach all my flowers. This is nice if you want to change out flowers during the season. 

To make my yellow flower bouquet, cut a portion of the flower stem off and group together. Wrap floral tape around the stems several times and attach with a greening pick.

I used the same technique to make my greenery bushels on each side. These can be stuck into the floral foam with a tiny amount of hot glue, if needed. 

Lastly, I added a cute yellow polka dot double bow for an extra bit of color.

If you are wanting to add a bit more decor to your wreath, look for items at your local Dollar Store. Great items to include on your wreath would be gloves, small gardening tools (or broken ones), seeds, hat, etc.

Garden hose front door wreath

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