Simple but Effective Self-Care Tips for Moms

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Self-care ideas for busy moms

Nowadays it feels, everyone is in a go-go-go state all day. It is easier than ever to get swooped into the cycle and forget about oneself.

Especially as a mom, we are always running after something or someone. Have the kids eaten, is the laundry done, do we have a to-do list, wash the car, pay the bills and the list goes on. 

But have you stopped for a minute to check how you feel? I mean there is a reason they say to put YOUR mask on first, THEN the child’s. And it totally makes sense! 

Who will be there when you are gone? How will it be when you can’t take care of them anymore? 

That’s why it’s important to take at least 30 minutes for yourself so that you can be with your family for the next 30+ years! 

I learned that after I had my second baby in Dec of last year and shortly after, Covid happened. We were all stuck inside the house pretty much 24/7. It was awful. 

Please stop with the mom guilt! 

I was there with my first one and let me tell you, things will remain intact! We put this pressure on ourselves but, believe me, the little ones will be a-Okay!

Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

When you really think about it, the first two years are the hardest for a mom who just had a baby. And those years, in particular, are the most important ones for self-care and self-love!

Don’t undermine even the 5 minutes in the bathroom when you take a breather, it all counts, but here are some realistic ways to show yourself some love!

1 | Exercise

Exercise is like a massage for the mind for me! It applies pressure where needed, it rejuvenates and simply energizes me. I feel like I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way. A crying toddler, you got it! Spilled cereal and milk, no problem! 

It not only does our bodies good, but a daily 30-minute workout helps relieve stress and reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Plus it gives us endorphins that help us relieve the pain and stress, which, in turn, makes us happy! 

And happy means you get to experience your family with joy! And so will they!

2 | Meet a friend 

The times are challenging. But even if everything were fine outside, new moms are too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to socialize. I read an article a while ago about how loneliness is actually worse for our health than smoking 10 cigarettes a day! Can you imagine?! It may contribute to a higher risk of heart disease or stroke. 

Humans are programmed to socialize, to be among other people. If you could carve out 45 minutes for a friend, or even a phone call to simply change your daily routine, it will have a positive effect on your mood! 

3 | Eating habits

Food is the ultimate self-care! It’s a lifestyle and when done right, you will feel the amazing effects of it long term! 

I honestly didn’t understand that until recently when I had a health scare; it made me completely change my eating habits. And oh boy, what a difference it makes!

It is particularly important to eat better during and post-pregnancy, especially if you choose to breastfeed. Your baby consumes the food you ingest. But even if not, you want to be at your best. And the food is a major part of that! 

I actually wrote a simple and super effective article on how to change your eating habits in seven easy steps! It doesn’t have to be so complicated nor difficult, and it’s not about dieting. 

Of course, we don’t mind losing a few extra pounds we gained throughout the pregnancy, but if you modify just a few of the eating habits, you will reap the benefits in the form of having more energy, more endurance, and more fun in life!

4 | Meditate  

Carve out some “zen-time” for yourself. As I mentioned above, even those 5-minute bathroom breaks do wonders! If you are extremely busy (who isn’t nowadays, right?!) and can’t afford some good-quality self-care time (but you should really really make this a priority!), try to take three to four 5-minute breaks where you can be still.

In the bathroom, kitchen, when kids are sleeping, take a few slow, deep breaths! Just you and your breath; focus on breathing so that your thoughts don’t get cluttered with noise. 

It helps you become more centered and the breathing clarifies your mind which, in turn, will help you realign. This article provides great and proven ways to a healthier you, should you wish to find out more.

5 | Pamper yourself

Ultimately, do what makes YOU happy! Yes, we should exercise and eat better, and all that, but ultimately self-care is what feels good to you. Whatever helps you release stress, do more of that! 

I have a friend who absolutely LOVES doing her own nails. It relaxes her, she says. For me, that is the most torture I could possibly inflict on myself. I rather dig, to be honest. I tense up making sure my nails are perfect that, in the end, I am absolutely exhausted. So, I don’t do it!

Self Care Tips For Moms

You know best what makes you happy; be it, doing nails, applying a face mask while listening to some music, whatever it is, try to squeeze it in. Because my friend, you will feel more rejuvenated, happier, and all-around more relaxed. And your family, in turn, will love that!  

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we all do our best. I know what it means to be a brand new mom and work full-time (from home, currently), all day, every day. So, I use every trick and tip I come across and try to just keep some sanity. 

You don’t have to do all of these every day, but on some days you may exercise, on others, you may just need to close your eyes and take a power nap! If your little one needs you to calm them down for nap time, that is a perfect opportunity to also take a power “nap”. It’s really just resting your eyes for ten minutes, but it works! 

About the author: Sejla is a blogger for focusing on providing some balance and inspiration to the on-the-go mommy. She shares tips and tricks on All Things Mommy and Wellness and Health.

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