DIY Princess Theme Baby Shower Decoration Ideas + Free Game Printable!

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Baby showers are my favorite event to plan. From the adorable decorations to the cute baby clothes, it is very easy to go over budget before you even know it. I like to do-it-yourself on as many decorations as possible. Below are my favorite DIY baby shower decorations from my shower.

Gift table at princess themed baby shower

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Guest Tables

I have always loved the balloon or hot air balloon centerpieces for baby showers. It gives height to your table and does not obstruct guest view for conversation. To start, fit each table with a round white tablecloth and a pink organza overlay.

Paper lantern hot air balloon centerpiece

Below are the items we used to make the centerpieces.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Firstly, assemble your paper lanterns and paint your wooden dowels. You will need 4 dowels for each hot air balloon. This way your wooden dowels can be drying while you create your lanterns and buckets.

Decide on your design. We wanted each table to be different, but the choice is up to you. Make your design as simple or extravagant as you would like.

When attaching your ribbon and embellishment directly to the lantern, I would recommend using glue dots with a dab of hot glue on top. Since the lantern is paper, you should not apply the hot glue directly to the lantern.

To hide the metal bar across the top of the lantern, make a large bow from contrasting wired ribbon.

Decorated paper lanterns hanging form ceiling

Next, decorate the popcorn buckets. Just like the lanterns, we made each one different. Since the popcorn buckets are a heavy paper material, you can apply hot glue directly to the bucket. Be cautious to not apply too much and burn a hole through your bucket.

Once your lanterns and buckets are decorated, hot glue your 4 dowels to the inside of the popcorn bucket. After the glue is dry, fill the bucket with tulle or decorative grass. You will want to have enough to hold up against the weight of the stuffed animal.

For instance, several of my animals are Beanie Babies and they weigh slightly more than a normal stuffed animal. Attach the lantern to the dowels with a glue dot and a small amount of hot glue on top. We placed two small pearl beads on top of each dowel to cover up the hot glue.

To finish off the princess theme, wrap a pink boa around the bottom of the bucket to give a pop of color and texture. Place 2 glass bowls to fill with candies and nuts for guests to snack on. The glass bowls are from Dollar Tree!

Lastly, we placed the party favors, Sweet Pea hand sanitizer, for each guest at their seat.

Centerpiece at baby shower

Since the shower went with the theme of my nursery, I have all the lanterns hanging from the ceiling in the nursery. I took a piece of corresponding ribbon, tied a double knot around the metal rod at the top of the lantern and used a small thumb tack to attach to the ceiling. Cut your ribbon at different length to give the illusion they are floating at different heights.

From a DIY baby shower decoration to adorable nursery decor.

Gift Table

The gift table was another baby shower decoration turned nursery decor! I wanted to incorporate a bit of Disney flare into my shower and nursery. Cinderella’s carriage was the perfect idea.

Cinderella Carriage

The supplies needed for the Cinderella carriage:

I originally saw the diamond covered princess carriage on a YouTube craft video and knew I had to have it! I have linked the video below.

The only changes we made were adding a row of the pearl embellishments at the top of the carriage and a row around the styrofoam platform to compliment the pearl shoes I found on Etsy. Lastly, hot glue your LED light inside the top of the carriage.

decorated carriage with baby shoes

After finishing the carriage, I felt that something was missing. Well if you have a carriage, you need a horse! Honestly, it took us a while to find the perfect horse, but we did.

decorated carriage with horse

Placement on the Gift Table

We wanted the gift table to stand out from the other food or game/favor tables. We chose to go with a pink tablecloth from Dollar Tree and a beautiful white rosette tablecloth. To create the bunting look, take 2 large safety pins and bunch the fabric were desired. Attach the safety pins through the back so they are not seen.

We wanted the Cinderella carriage to be the focal point of the gift table but we did not want it to get lost among the gifts. After locating a box long enough to hold the horse and carriage, wrap the box in white paper. ** Pro tip, use the backside of any wrapping paper without the cutting lines. Next, take your left over silver diamond flower mesh and wrap over the white paper. To finish the look, wrap white tulle around the horse and carriage once placed on the decorated box.

**For extra pop, placed battery power mini lights inside the tulle!**

baby shower gift table

How To Make A PVC Pipe Backdrop Frame

Since making the backdrop frame several years prior to my baby shower, it has since been used for 3 separate occasions. I have definitely got my money’s worth.

PVC backdrop frame

For the DIY PVC pipe backdrop frame you will need:

After locating all your pieces of pipe at your local hardware store, follow the picture below on how to assemble the DIY PVC pipe backdrop frame.

measurements of backdrop frame
measurements of backdrop frame
measurements of backdrop frame

I opted to have a “floating” style top in order for my curtains to wrap around the side and hide the sides of the frame. I would recommend adding another 5ft PVC pipe across the bottom back section for better stability.

baby shower gift table

For the above picture, I made 2 backdrop frames with 16 sheer curtains (8 white, 8 pink) for each frame.

Shower Games + Free Printable!

Baby shower games are always very entertaining! Some my favorites are The Price Is Right, Don’t Say Baby and Mommy or Daddy to name a few. To match the shower’s theme, I made Match The Princess With Her Prince Game. As you can tell, I am a HUGE Disney fan.

printable baby shower game

My Match The Princess With Her Prince Game is the perfect addition to any shower or birthday party. To receive your FREE DOWNLOAD and the PASSWORD to my library, sign up below.



Some items may seem like a large investment but remember most of the above items can be reused for several showers, weddings, birthday parties, etc. Always remember to have fun and be creative!

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