No Mess Painting For Babies & Toddlers

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If you are looking for an indoor activity for your baby or toddler, painting is a fun, easy and motor skill developing activity. I know you are thinking, can’t painting be messy with toddlers? 

No, it does not HAVE to be! Your baby or toddler can explore the fun textures and colors of painting without the mess!

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Supplies Needed:


This activity took less than 5 minutes to set-up. I spent more time digging through crafts totes for the items. 

Yes, we have storage issues at the moment. Hopefully the new garage will solve this problem.

Step 1

After gathering your supplies, select where you would like to set-up the activity. 

I selected my daughters play table since it is by a window (love natural light) and just the right height for her to stand. 

**Place an old towel or sheet down. I did not do this step and wish I had. You said this was a “NO MESS” activity? Yes, however, I have a very “strong” child and EVERYTHING is a mess with her. I will explain this further in Step 3.**

Step 2

Place your cardstock (or canvas) on your work area and evenly place your choice of colors on the cardstock

Wrap entirely with cling-wrap. I recommended wrapping several layers of cling-wrap.

Tape your project down on all sides to your work area. 

Step 3

This is the fun part. Sit back and watch as your baby or toddler create a beautiful masterpiece while developing motor skills! 

Your child will start to use a smush method to move the paint around or for small toddlers a patting motion.

Once the paint is smushed, you can show your child how to push the paint around the canvas with their hand or finger. This action will promote the gross motor skill of moving their arm back and forth. 

If your child is slow to take interest in the activity, sit beside them and demonstrate with a finger or hand how to touch and move the paint. Do not worry if your child does not take interest in the activity, set it aside and try later in the day.

***I only wrapped one layer of cling-wrap around each cardstock and my daughter pinched through several of the sections. I recommend wrapping several times to avoid this issue. I underestimated her pincer grip and next time will have an old towel or sheet handy.***


This is a great motor skill activity for babies and toddlers. My daughter had a great time creating this artwork and her grandparents enjoyed their surprise gift as well.

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