Sensory Fall Activities For Babies

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Once pumpkin spice hits the shelves at my local grocery store, I know fall is just around the corner. Living in the South, fall is one of my favorite times of year. The cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage make outdoor sensory play ideal. A quick trip to your backyard and you can make several fall activities for your baby to enjoy.

Fall Sensory Activities

Sensory Bags & Bottles

Like my post Sensory Play Ideas For Baby Development, sensory bags are a great way to let your child explore the world around them. We have an acre of wooded land which provided wonderful sensory play for Scarlett. With several different types of trees and bushes, she has a variety of shapes and colors to explore. My fall activity sensory bags and bottles include leaves, acorns, pine straw, dirt, small sticks and even themed candy!

How-To Fall Sensory Bag

Once you have collected your available items from your yard, place several of the items (leaves, pine straw, etc.,) into your sandwich or gallon size baggy. I used a small amount of fill dirt from our barn build as a nice contrast. Gives the bag a gritty feel and Scarlett can explore the different textures of the items.

Fall Sensory Activities

How-To Fall Sensory Bottles

I have to say these are by far Scarlett’s favorite. She searches for her bottles in her toy basket. I like to keep the bottles small and lightweight since she is still learning to pick items up.

Since we have a large amount of acorns, I have filled one bottle with just acorns and the other with candy corn. These bottles have worked wonders during tummy time and encouraging her to crawl. Her face lights up when she pushes or pulls the bottle and hears it make a noise.

Fall Sensory activities

How – To Sensory Bin

I would introduce a sensory bin to your child once they are able to sit up unassisted or have good arm strength during tummy time. When collecting items, remember to use larger items that your child cannot swallow.

Your fall sensory bin can include:

  • Magnolia leaves and cones (be sure to remove any seed pods)
  • Medium size sticks
  • Large pine cones
  • Large leaves
  • Grass
  • Gourds or small pumpkins
  • Corn cobs
fall sensory activities

Take a medium to large size storage bin or pan and place a few items in the container. Let your child explore the different textures, smells and sounds. I like to use magnolia leaves in sensory play since the leaves have a shiny, glossy side and a soft, fussy side.

fall sensory activities

For a fall craft for the whole family to enjoy, check out my DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Garland Craft for Kids.

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