Painted stepping stone ideas

DIY Painted Stepping Stones Ideas With Silhouette Or Cricut Machines

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With Summer in full swing here in the South, I decided to upgrade my ugly stepping stones. I had originally painted them a dark brown to blend in with our mulch, but over several years they were covered up by my jungle of cana lilies. 

This time around I knew I wanted a fun and colorful design to make my stepping stones stand out and my Silhouette Cameo 4 machine would do just that.


Prepping Your Stepping Stones For Painting

Like I mentioned before, I had painted my stepping stones a brown color. Due to not putting a protective sealer on them, they are various shades of brown. 

After scrubbing them with soap and water, I let them dry in the sun for a full day. You do not have to let yours dry this long, I did since it is very humid here. Once completely dry, I moved them all to an old pallet to make painting easier.

Priming & Applying Base Coat of Paint to Your Stepping Stones

If you have new stepping stones, you can skip to the next section.

I used an exterior primer to cover up all the ugly brown. I had to apply more than one coat on a few of the darker brown stones, but apply as many coats as you need. 

Check the drying time instructions on your primer before continuing on to the next step.

Applying Base Coat

The original paint color I had picked out for my base coat was too old and had started separating. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed. I wanted to do this on a budget, as in using leftover craft supplies I had laying around.

Being the wonderful man my Grizzly Bear husband is, he came to my rescue! He had leftover John Deere green equipment paint! If y’all know me personally, I’m a John Deere fanatic!! Since I was going for a very colorful look, this worked great! However, if you do use a dark base color, you will want to paint your stencil white first before applying your paint colors. This way your vibrant colors will POP! Keep this in mind when choosing a base color.

Follow the instructions on your paint for the correct drying time. The green paint I used is an oil based paint and will take longer to dry. Plus, the thicker you apply the paint will make for a longer dry time.

Apply Stencil To Your Stepping Stones

I used several different Mandala designs from Design Bundles, you can find them here.

After you have let your paint dry, apply your stencil to your stepping stone. To help keep my paint from bleeding through, since stone is porous, I apply a quick dry sealer on and around the stencil area. Since I used a dark base color, I applied a coat of white paint once my sealer was dry.

Painting Your Stepping Stones

Now for the fun part, choosing your paint colors!

I wanted each of my stepping stones to be unique, but the choice is up to you.

If you are using an oil base, like I did, they will take several DAYS to dry completely. This did make my project seem like it was never ending, but also found painting to be relaxing.

I applied two coats of paint to each design, depending on your colors you may need more or less. Once your paint is completely dry, CAREFULLY remove your stencil and make any touch ups. 

Lastly, I applied one good coat of sealer to the entire stepping stone and let it dry.


I did not plan on using oil base paint to begin with, however I am very pleased with the finished project. I have had several compliments from family and friends on how beautiful they turned out. Plus, I found a new love for painting!

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