DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Garland Craft for Kids

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Fall is the time of year when my creative side starts to shine!

After spending most of my Spring and Summer months outside, I am ready for my daughter and I to enjoy an easy craft indoors. The best part is this garland can be used from September through November. Great for families on a budget, like us.

This DIY garland craft is great for ages 2 and up.

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Items Needed

Fall Garland

Download my Fall & Thanksgiving Garland Template from my Free Resource Library. Sign up below to receive the top secret password.


I used left over scrapbook paper from a previous craft which had a wood texture look.

Cut out the garland shapes in several colors. If your child is able to hold/use scissors, this is a great fine motor skill activity for them to practice using scissors.

Punch 2 holes about an inch or two apart at the top of each cut out using a hole punch. This will help keep the cut outs facing forward instead of to the side. 

String your ribbon/twine/string through each cut out starting from the back.

Hang and enjoy your new fall decoration!


If you are like me and love anything sparkly, add glitter for an extra sparkle!

Apply a fair amount of clear glue to your cut out and sprinkle with glitter. I would recommend silver or orange to match with the fall colors.

Thanksgiving Garland

Following the steps above, have you and your child write on each cut out what they are thankful for this year.

The week of Thanksgiving you can use this garland to discuss with your child why you all are thankful for these items.



Even when your family is on a budget, you can still make simple craft decorations at home for cheap. Let me know below what your family is thankful for this holiday season.

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