Crib Bumper Alternatives: DIY Vertical Crib Bumpers

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I know what you are thinking, are crib bumpers safe? I had the same thought cross my mind. After watching several nights of my daughter forcefully ramming into the crib bars, I knew I had to do something. I eventually found Wonder Bumpers. They makes vertical crib bumpers, however for a mom on a budget, they are out of my price range. That got me thinking. How can I DIY vertical crib bumpers for cheap?

DIY pool noodle crib bumpers

Several videos I found used pipe insulation foam and cover them in fabric to match the room decor, which is a great idea! Below is a great step-by-step video for making DIY vertical crib bumpers from pipe insulation foam. However, I was in need of a quick fix. A mom can only take so many crying wake ups from their baby ramming into crib bars.

I came across this video by Allison’s Journey on YouTube.. A great step-by-step for pipe insulation vertical bumpers. How To Make: Wonder Bumpers.

Then it hit me, POOL NOODLES!

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Can’t my baby tear it apart and eat it? I thought the same thing. However, after severely clawing the crap out of a pool noodle I already had, I did not see any damage done. Plus, I keep my daughters nail trimmed since they are like raptor claws. She inherited that trait from her daddy.

*** Once your child has physical teeth showing, cover the pool noodles with fabric or remove them. ***

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How-To Make Pool Noodle Vertical Crib Bumpers

After a very quick Google search I find, they offer free shipping, same day processing and 10 different colors. I ordered 10 pool noodles at 52″ long. I wanted a few extras in case of miscalculations. The extras will be saved for future projects.

With the help of my husband, this project took 20 minutes max.

Since I needed 25″ length for each vertical crib bumper on the front of the crib, I was able to get two crib bumpers from one pool noodle. The sides of our crib slope up toward the back and need to be longer lengths.

DIY vertical crib bumpers from pool noodles

Once all the bumpers are cut into the correct lengths, make one vertical cut down the side of the noodle to the center hole.

Clean off any excess foam and slide the pool noodle around the crib bars. DONE! My alternative for safe crib bumper pads and cheaper version of Wonder Bumpers.

DIY vertical crib bumpers from pool noodles

Total Cost

I used a total of six pool noodles for this project at a cost of $2.80 each plus free shipping. The total cost of the DIY vertical crib bumpers was less than $20.

You can also find poodle noodles on Amazon at bulk prices! These come in a variety of colors and are around the same price.

Other Pool Noodle Hacks

The other remaining pool noodles have been put to good use throughout our house. We have them on all the edges of a table saw in our garage and a few sharp corners of furniture. This has proven very effective since my daughter loves to not look at where she is going.

You can even cut a pool noodle in half and place along the corners of your fireplace. I would recommend a very strong double sided for this project.


This mom is getting much needed sleep! I was skeptical about my daughter playing with the pool noodles and keeping herself awake, however, that has yet to occur. She rammed into the bumpers several times since attaching them and each time she goes back to sleep. Not only have the DIY crib bumpers helped with minor head bumps during the night, but also keeps her arms and legs inside her crib.

*** Once your child has physical teeth showing, cover the pool noodles with fabric or remove them. ***

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