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10 Must Have Items For Every Baby Registry

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First off, congratulations on your little bundle of joy!  For new moms, baby registries are overwhelming. Trust me I know far too well. I spent many a sleepless night, not just from pregnancy insomnia, but wondering what products will work best for my baby. From cloth diapers, strollers, swings, bouncers the list goes on and on. I have compiled a list of my favorite must have baby registry items that you probably haven’t even thought of to have on your registry.

Must Have Items For Baby Registry

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Make an Amazon Baby Registry!!

I cannot stress this enough, people love to shop with Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime account and make a baby registry with Amazon’s checklist, you will receive a welcome box after a purchase of over $10 is made from your registry. The purchase can be by yourself or others. I received their welcome box last year and the products included were wonderful! A swaddle blanket, onesie, bottle, several samples of different diaper brands, lotions, and bath products, just to name a few. Products may vary. To start your Amazon Baby Registry click the banner below.

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Make a Target Baby Registry!!

Who doesn’t love Target? Go online or in-store create a registry, drop by Target’s customer service desk and ask for your FREE welcome bag. Yes, I said FREE! You may have to show a print out of your registry to the associate, but free is free!! Besides, you probably needed to get something at Target anyway. ?

Target Baby Registry

Sound Machine

By far the best item on my registry, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. Functions as a nightlight and sound machine. You can customize color, brightness, sound and volume all from the app on your phone. Set programs for auto on or off to best fit your schedule. One night our power flickered at home and of course turned off Scarlett’s sound machine. I grabbed my phone, went to the Rest app and turned her sound machine back on. How awesome is that?! I did not have to go in the nursery and risk waking her up with the squeaky door.


Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillow

My mother-in-law recommended this product to me after seeing it in the store. I’m so glad she did. I had no idea how heavy Scarlett would be on my arm. Scarlett had silent reflux and gas issues from the start. This meant she was up all hours of the night the first month or two and at 3 o’ clock in the morning your arm gets tired quickly!

I have also included a few other mom favorite nursing pillows below.

Chargeable Vacuum

Yes, I know you are thinking, this isn’t a baby item, trust me you want one. I have a chargeable Dyson and a Roomba and love both of them. I’m a clean freak so of course when I was home with the baby, I wanted to clean all the time. The few times Scarlett would sleep during the day, I was holding her or she slept for 20 minutes at a time. That is hardly enough time to drag a big vacuum out and start. With the Roomba, start and forget about it. During that time, I washed bottles or folded laundry. My Dyson vacuum I use for quick messes or suck up the cat’s tumbleweeds.

Bounce Seat or Swing

I have a Fisher Price Swing at home and Scarlett loves it! With her reflux she had a very uncomfortable time sleeping in her bassinet. Her doctor recommended a swing or wedge under the mattress. She was sleeping through the night by 6 -8 weeks old after moving to the swing.

My mother-in-law bought a bounce seat for when Scarlett was at their house or at work with us. It was perfect for her. I could place her on my desk beside me and gently bouncer her when needed. Mine had nature sounds, music and a vibrating seat. Scarlett was very content playing or watching me as I worked. It is also a great item for reflux babies.

Must Have Items For Baby Registry

Activity Play Gym

As you can tell, I LOVE multifunction products. We’ve used Scarlett’s play gym from day one.  We have the Bright Starts 5 in 1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym. We started with the dreaded tummy time to laying on her back and reaching for toys. Now all the sides are down and she is rolling everywhere! Once she gets good at sitting up on her own, we will put the side back up and make it a ball pit!

Baby Lounger

Whether you co-sleep or not a baby lounger of some type is a necessity. There are many different types from Dock-a-tot to the Bobby Lounger. I purchased the Doldoa Baby Lounger. It is similar to the Dock-a-tot without the expensive price tag. I did not co-sleep, but I found when I took Scarlett to work or family’s house, I did not have anywhere for her to sleep except in the car seat. The lounger has been a great alternative to the car seat and it also grows with baby!


I do not even remember how I came across the Oogiebear, but it has changed my life! Scarlett would scream and cry every time I suctioned her nose and due to her reflux, she was constantly congested. One day I came across the oogiebear online, I figured why not give it a try. After the first use I was sold! You know the scenes in movies when the clouds part, rays of sunlight shines down on you and you hear angels sing? That is exactly how I felt. Some moms swear by the Frida Snotsucker, I swear by the oogiebear. Plus, the oogiebear is for nose and ears, Frida Snotsucker is just for nose. Multifunctional!

For the stubborn boogers, have a pair of baby safe tweezers on hand.

Gowns and Sleepsacks

I am not sure why gowns are not as popular as they use to be, but we love them! In the middle of the night and getting up for the third time, the last thing you want to deal with are snaps or zippers. If your baby was anything like mine, she did not want to cooperate. Scarlett hated being swaddle, I tried and tried, but it was a no go. She likes to have her arms free at all times. I finally gave sleep sacks a try, after many sleepless nights, and they worked wonders. My favorite sleepsack was the Halo Sleepsack. If Scarlett was feeling in the mood to be swaddled I could, or she could have her arms free.

Once she was older, we switched to non-swaddle sleepsacks. I enjoyed the ease of nighttime diaper changes and being available in fleece or lightweight muslin.

Bottle Warmer

Scarlett went through a faze of snacking and my bottle warmer was used multiple times a day. I came from a family that if you did not finish your meal, you saved it for later. Formula is expensive! I do not use it as much as I used to, but still comes in handy when she snacks.

Amazon Music or Music App

Yes, another non-baby item but hear me out. How many times have you been out somewhere and you did not have a portable sound machine with you? Or the one you have is for some reason not cutting it anymore? The first few weeks home with Scarlett was trial and error. I refused to live in our bedroom listing to rain or water sounds all day, so I needed a portable sound machine. Behold, Amazon Music! With a prime account, you have a free version of Amazon Music. Unlike Youtube or Pandora’s free version, Amazon Music DOES NOT have ads or commercials in the middle or after songs. They have a wonderful baby sounds playlist called Baby Sleep with whale sounds, white noise and other nature sounds. To this day, that playlist puts her to sleep in no time.

Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming at times but do not forget to plan for your postpartum care. I have complied a checklist of my 10 most used items. Being a new mom, I was not sure exactly what I would need. I have taken the guesswork out for you! Click on subscribe to have the checklist sent to your email.

must have postpartum items

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